Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Günter Maas-Klangbilder

The LA Report Con’t


I am beginning to feel that perhaps this cover is running too deep. I work twelve hours a day and then retire to my cubicle to work for five more hours. I can barely finish my reports, which accounts for my infrequencies. I need more time. I saw the ocean the other day but it didn’t see me. A girl winked at me but I haven’t been briefed in weeks now and I cannot tell what the signals are anymore. I still cannot tell if the comsat link correctly transmits these messages or if they are entering a void. But something is certainly afoot here. I cannot pinpoint it at the moment but all of my instincts tell me there is something that I am not yet seeing. And once I see what it is that I cannot yet see then I might not be able to…well. I have to wait and see what is to be seen before I report on it. Four more weeks should give me time to discover what it is that is at the core of it all.


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