Friday, June 10, 2011

Little Milton-If Walls Could Talk

This probably falls into some time gap where it would have made more sense to post this last week when I was hanging out in my sister's condo, since it's the old Chess records factory (not the studio, which is on Michigan). Then again, it might make more sense to post this next week, as I'll be in Kansas City. So I dedicate that track to me. The rest is devoted to all the schemers and creepers out there who are in need of more soul. This will most likely appeal to James Carr fans out there (hint, hint Sam). This is considered by most soul-heads to be a classic and it's pretty fucking obvious why that is.



  1. Did the wind change direction and permanently fix that pained expression on his face? It hurts to look.

  2. He's just extra sensitive. All the better for the heartbreaking songs.