Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Cardiacs-Live

More Cardiacs. Still, they remain a heavily downloaded band. This time it some live action. I know these live albums can often become some ramshackle events that are mostly cash in albums made to pull some bills off of people who live too far away from attending shows, but not here. I never saw the Cardiacs live, but from what I hear and from what others have told me this band was not to be fucked with. At least as a live unit is concerned. They look like accountants but they sound like fucking demons. I assume those who are already downloading their other albums will require no additional information. Okay, well, the girl actually looks pretty cute and not accountant-like in any sort.

Here (Reuped 6/8/12)


  1. Thanks a ton! I lost all my Cardiacs and have been trying to piece them together. Any chance you might be able to post Rude Bootleg in the future?

  2. Hmm...It's possible. I'll probably try to post everything from them since they remain highly downloaded. And for good reason.