Friday, June 17, 2011

Dino Valente

Poor Chester William Powers, Jr. A guy couldn't possibly have had worse luck. Starting off will all the cool folkies in the Greenwich Village scene, Valente graduated to chumming it up with what would become the powerhouses of the Bay Area. His list of amigos is like a veritable who's who of 60s rock and folk. And when his band, Quicksilver Messenger Service was poised to join the ranks of classic S.F. psych bands, Valente got pinched and wound up in the can. Eventually, he was able to rejoin and produce some classic sounds with them, but it was never quite the same. Then after some brain surgery, he died in the 90s when everyone seemed to have forgotten about this fantastic album. Really breezy, charming psych/folk 12 string bending tunes. To this day, outside of his cult following, he remains criminally underrated as a guitar player and song writer. But that just seems to be how things go.



  1. If you read about this guy in Richie Unterberger's book "Urban Spacemen," it's clear that Dino went a long way toward contributing to his own bad luck. He pissed away a lot of his chances, it seems.

  2. Yeah, his luck was poor, but he certainly did plenty of stupid things as well.