Thursday, June 9, 2011

KMD-Bl_ck B-st-rds

Maybe I should start off with a disclaimer for dummies. This isn't some RAC or Blazebirth Hall shit. I didn't make up the cover. I didn't give it this title. I lived with a black dude for years (see, excellent white guy cop out), who happens to be my best friend (thought the ass didn't make me godfather to his child). Instead, this is actually the seeding ground for MF Doom and all the permutations that guy has gone through over the years. This shit was coming around in the early 90s if I recollect correctly, so it seems weird to me that decades later the guy is finally getting some of the cred he deserves. Guess what ninnies, this shit sounded good way back then. Where were you? Oh, that's pampers.



  1. hey now. my mom used cloth diapers in the seventies :)

  2. Sorry. I didn't know you are old. You look like a tween in your photo. Don't tell me you're actually some 50 year old Chinese dude just using a found photo. You'll break my heart.

  3. And yes...cloth diapers here too. But I guess that was assumed. Just didn't want to sound mean to one of the two girls who actually read this mess.