Thursday, June 9, 2011


There's been that trend over the last several years to dig up all those delightful Turkish (Anatolian) psych goodies. And believe me, I'm all for excavation. The problem is is that there's this symptom that comes along with getting too historical (I know, I'm a fucking Victorianist). People seem to negelect everything else that isn't in that particular span of time. And that might lead all of those people whose panties get wet over Selda & Ersen & Erkin, etc. to forget that there was still some pretty awesome things that came after the flood. Here's just one example. These dudes most certainly were familiar with their forefathers, but they definitely were exposed to the goings on throughout the 80s and 90s. It's facile to fetishize the past and believe that it's some crystalline representation of what something is is about (if that makes sense), but in doing so we run the risk of negelecting everything else that has learned from those pioneers. So, for those with an eye towards the East (that is, if you're over in the Americas), then here's the continuation of all the shit kids have been drooling over.



  1. While searching for info on these guys (Zen), I came across the following video. I am now totally obsessed with this song. Totally! Artist? Title? I don't know. Any help appreciated.

  2. Never mind! Above clip *is* Zen, 1st track on Derya. Color me stupid. Awesome track! And lp. BTW, Amazon lists Derya under Murat Ertel solo to confuse people like me.