Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dog Faced Hermans-Mental Blocks for all Ages

If you're reading these posts in reverse, then nothing will make much sense, but it's another lazy night and I figured I'd source the texts out to a book which I've had forever but have never really dug deep into. It's titled "Wit and Humor of the Age," and is most notable for including Mark Twain as a contributor. I'm holding a first edition (fancy me) and let me tell you, the humor sucks (unless you like jokes about "Negroes" or the Dutch (by that they mean Germans (vuh?))). Nevertheless, I thought they might be of interest, and figuring my other experiment with images went down fairly well, figured why not? So I guess this is an experiment of the longevity of humor. If you actually want to know what the albums are like, read the tags or find descriptions elsewhere. Nice racism Twain. I hope your shit gets rewritten and completely stripped of any historical context. Oops..too late. Oh well, I guess the kids are safe.



  1. Only 1 I didn't have in digital format - many thanks!

    Definitely one of the top 3 concerts I've ever seen.

  2. Never saw them live, but I can imagine that they'd be quite thrilling. Glad I could help with this one.