Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Orange Juice-The Heather's on Fire

You may ask where all this spleen is coming from and I can say the stress of moving, the transition to a new job, a million other things, but what weighs on my mind at the moment is age. No mid-life crisis or anything, but I recently saw a bunch of former friends and exes that I haven’t seen in well over 10 years (many I’ve known since elementary school, which makes our friendship older than a lot of readers here). And I might as well live on a different planet than they do. All we had to talk about was nostalgic moments of absurd recklessness and dead friends. They are bald and fat (the guys) and only want to talk about their kids (the girls) and they all seem interested in Jesus. I feel like a complete foreigner around my peers. Not like I fit in all that well before, but I clearly don’t want to have conversations about the best school districts and shit like that. This album too possesses that weird sense of isolation and longing for that lost time in one’s life when all that adult stuff didn’t seem to matter and it was better to steal some beer from a garage, hang out in a park until it was way too late, get up and do it again.



  1. Good writing. You made me feel like they are people I know. I think there's a good chance you are going to end up a miserable old bugger like me! Thanks for the Orange Juice.

  2. No problem. "End up" is a questionable term. You may have a few years on me, but I'm already there.