Friday, June 17, 2011

New Tweedy Bros.!

Don't worry, this has no connection to that needle head in Wilco. I probably should like them since they're the biggest rock band coming out of this town in some time, but they are just dull and not worth it. Previous posts have demonstrated the brilliance of fantastic lp packaging that will probably never see this sort pressed again. Yes, the lp actually looks like this. But that's only one selling point. Classic psych here be. As with most of the relics of the time, there's a certain amount that has not weathered the storm in a classic fashion. But give the kids a break. You think most of the moves people were making 20 years ago hold up later? Well, considering the trough of boring minimal synth shit being recycled at the moment, they might. Give it 5 more years and you'll laugh. Funny how peoples' taste changes so quickly.



  1. How convenient! The guys over at Phrock blog recently referenced this lp when discussing New Dawn (recommended, btw) - & here it is!

    Thanks, Mr. Orbach :-)

  2. Can't remember if I've heard that New Dawn disc before. Now I'll definitely have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.