Friday, June 17, 2011

Edgar Broughton Band-Sing Brother Sing

Oh such a classic. Why have I not posted this before? Laziness? Perhaps. I got accused of pinching this one off a friend too (see previous posts) but I didn't. If you're into the whole free festival, getting it together in the country, weirdos unite type of vibe then this is capitol. Kind like a funked up Beefheart with more psych flourishes. This could easily fill the dancefloor and get some hippy chicks to shake their asses, and probably a bunch of other sweeties too. So the stank of patchouli is enough to scare this man off from the festivities, but perhaps you're of stronger fiber and can tolerate that heinous olfactory offense. Good for you. I hope this works like a charm. Since it is a charm.


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