Friday, June 17, 2011


Nerds unite. Seriously, check the image and tell me this doesn't look like an odd conglomerate. Kinda looks like a pic of me and my high school friends. No one seems to fit. And fit, they did not. Being from Philly, they missed out on the whole NYC cool kids thing (actually,, they are not cool and that city sucks). They played weirdo, 40 years ahead of their time punk/funk/jazz/groove. Kinda like an American This Heat but with soul (not saying that because there's a black guy here either). Just a really fucking brilliant band that only Thurston Moore and the like love. I believe they recently reunited and I can only imagine many hipster skulls were crushed by these guys. Their real audience has yet to be born. Once a Saturnalian mates with a Zebra and a coat hanger, then those ears might be attuned to what the fuck these guys were really about.



  1. thanks for posting this phenomenal collection of energetic rock tunes!!!! way more people need to hear this, it's frantic & complicated & funky & fun... - these guys actually released an album last year as well, with a cheesy superhero drawing as the cover ..& it's not bad. David First from the Notekillers also makes very intriguing drones, including signal processing trombones- there's a three CD set of his out that has some mind melting sine wave manipulation it's called "privacy issues" on XI records. . sounds nothing like the Notekillers, but it's worth tracking down. cheers to your excellent taste in music,
    -Roo Gatsby

  2. Wow, that was a comment within a few minutes. Hat off to you for the fastest response ever. But you're right. This band is fantastic and really didn't sound like anything at the time. I really hope more people did on how far ahead of their time these guys actually were.

    And I will seek those sounds out. Thanks for the info.

    Anything even tangentially related to these guys is certainly to be of interest.

  3. Look at last paragraph:

    but now that you've moved to OZ or are you a KC,MO confused hipster

    Anyway I hope you are enjoying the weather

    Might be a good time to post some Giacinto Scelsi.

    Trust me, right up there with John Jacob Niles meets Sun Ra

  4. I am so sorry, my previous post came out way wrong.
    Welcome to Kansas, or Kansas City.
    There are many levels of Kansas or Kansas City that Dante imagined.
    Your Blog is great. Keep it up.
    I hope this part of the midwest fuels your creative fires.

  5. Just after their retirement I had Notekillers come out to brooklyn to play with also reunited Nightingales and they were 3 dudes, some of whom had major beards, and looked nothing like that old photo, but they totally killed the audience.