Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thunder and Roses-King of the Black Sunrise

After all those years of waiting and Chinese Democracy arrived and sounded just like a mid period Elton John record. Pretty pathetic. I love Elton John, but I don't want to hear some fat baldy with horrendous corn rows (certainly fake) try to imitate mr. flamboyant. I'm pretty sure the direct decline of the band can be attributed to the ousting of Izzy. I'm guessing he was the one supplying the Stonesy crotch rot that seemed to permeate their early recordings. And while I was never their biggest fan (I never bought them as a metal act) I thought they wrote some solid pop songs that were much better than most of the shit that was clogging the airwaves at the time. Oh shit, I just realized this is Thunder and Roses. Oops. Oh well. So they got this angel/fire hydrant hybrid thing going on. So there. Nirvana covered them too. But don't forget, they also cover Boston (blech).


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