Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dorothy Asby-Afro-Harping

Who loves the harp?
Who cares that it makes plants grow ?
Who cares what it does
Since you broke my heart?

Those are the lyrics, right? Any instrument that requires such insane amounts of full body commitment must be respected. The harp rules and is super underused. Sure, there’s Zeena Parkins, and, and , and…err. Right, see. Name 5 harpists and I’ll give you 5 dollars. And if that harpist happens to be playing some funked up soul-jass then there’s no doubt it’s Dorthy. Every one of her albums is worth owning but you can most likely find them elsewhere. So start with this and begin the excavation. The relics uncovered will be well worth the investigation. And that’s mostly eager, ass kissing grad students and cheap local labor that do the digging anyways. At least, that’s what the Indiana Jones series has led me to believe.


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