Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pappo's Blues-Volumen 3

When I think of white guy blues I find myself picturing someone who smeared some toothpaste on his clothes and pretended to be an artist. When I think of Argentinian blues I didn't think of fucking anything. Kinda reminds me of when a Norwegian friend of mine asked me what Americans think of his nation. I just responded, "we don't." But all of that was before I heard of Pappo. A while back, a whole slew of his records were reissued and that got a few ears into his sounds. Good thing since this is some real sounds worth investigating (I've got volumes 1-7 if people want more). And the guy played with Peter Green and Lemmy. Therefore he is instantly cool. Don't worry, this isn't some boring ass bluez project type of shit (not shitting on Bloomfield or Kooper with that comment either).


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  1. Pappo not only played with Peter Green and Lemmy. He was playing at the Madison with BB King too.... If you liked Pappo's Blues music I invite you to listen to Aeroblues: the album has the same name as the band, only one record and the best, for sure. Try it and tell me what do you think.