Monday, February 22, 2010

Zunou Keisatsu (Brain Police)

I can't claim to be hip to what it is these guys were protesting, but I know this was considered a pretty radical record at the time. I guess this dude on the cover was some bank robber, and the record was banned due to its anti-government sentiments. But this isn't some shitty protest folk or something that moms & dads enjoyed in their hippie days. This trio (bongos & 2 guitars) sounds pretty close to Tyrannosaurus Rex. Except Bolan's fey elfin tones are replaced by some japanese yelling. Punk folk I guess is what this really is. And there's a Les Rallizes Denudes for those keeping count. Julian Cope writes that they had six or so albums, but this & the Genya Concert are all I have, but I defer to his knowledge on this subject.


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