Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dave Bixby-Ode to Quetzalcoatl

Don't expect anything cheerful. I'm not in the mood for that and it seems like most of the people who read this aren't either. Instead, time to embrace some sour power. I think the story of this record goes something as follows. Bixby gets pretty fucked up on drugs, checks into rehab, finds Jesus, then records this downer folk classic. The funny thing is, Bixby doesn't sound any happier for embracing God. I guess Jesus can fuck you up just as much as some horse. The songs are simply arranged with mostly just acoustic guitar and vocals. It would probably sit nicely on the shelf along side Perry Leopold and Maitreya Kali (I'll post both of these guys sometime). I hope this album doesn't convert anyone.



  1. this album is incredible.

    and agreed, right up ther ewith the Leopold LP and, well, half of the Maitreya Kali stuff.

    nice one...

  2. Yeah, I kind get what you mean about Kali. At times, there's some really great songs but there's also the more middling tracks you have to get through.