Sunday, February 28, 2010

Randy Burns-Songs for an Uncertain Lady

More music to make you weep. Some of you might download this solely for the fact that this was released on ESP-Disk. This, however, isn't some interplanetary free jazz missive, so don't expect that. Burns, instead, strums up some folk misery. And while I think the album, as a whole, is pretty strong, I really just posted this because Maybelline is such a prefect bummer tune. Guaranteed to erase the smile from your face and turn that pulpy mass you call a heart to stone.

Update: Just in case you're the type of person who's not too interested in reading the few comments I get, Mr. Burns has let it be known that he can be found here. Well, at least in some digitized form. You're not going to actually find him by going to that site. Still, it's worth checking out.



  1. If you are reading this and looking for Randy Burns I can be found at

  2. Nice to see that Mr. Orbach reads the comments left for him, actually very nice that he has me up here. is my website, if you would like to contact me directly is my email address, I've got a myspace and a face book page under Randy Burns. Since the early 70s I've had albums under Randy Burns and the Skydog band that are much more upbeat then the early ESP Records. I've also recorded a cd The Simple Things a few songs are available for free download at free