Monday, February 22, 2010

Jpt Scare Band-Acid Acetate Excursion

I know this cover looks like shit, and you probably think I fucked it up. But, no no Nanette, it really does look like shit. And yet it perfectly mirrors the crud encrusted fuzzed as fuck sounds here. When people are digging for some super distorted acid psychedelia, I'm not sure why they're not pulling this one out. "King Rat" is just unbelievable snarling. The bass is just super fucked. The swirling pcp guitars make me think these dudes were not fan favorites in early 70s Kansas City. The other three tracks are great, but this is one is just a monster. And looking at their website, it seems that they have reunited in the past several years to record again. Good for them. Probably still better than all these kids currently trying to get wanky with a guitar.


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