Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nintendo's Greatest Hits

Remember this kick ass eggplant figure from Kid Icarus? He rules. But if he has an eggplant head, why does he have an eggplant on a stick? If you're like me, you probably wasted too much time on Nintendo. And here's your chance to be nostalgic. Some kind soul compiled some of the best cuts of Nintendo music (unfortunately, I can't give due credit since I have no idea where I got this). This is really a great comp to play if you want to annoy someone. I mean, try to sit there and list to this end to end. It's near impossible to not remember all your failures and frustrations these damned games caused. But really, it's worth it for the super creepy Metroid music that is as dark as anything. If you haven't ever heard at least one of these songs, then you're probably to young to be reading this blog.


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