Saturday, February 20, 2010

Terry Reid-River

I think it would be impossible to call Terry Reid a careerist. He turned down the vocal duties in both a fledgling Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple so he could continue his solo work. How's that for some cred? Not only does he have a great white soul voice, the guy is equally adept at guitar. This album comes after his more modish, soul, rock earl period. Now, the sound is much more stoned. There's plenty of grooves and soul here, but when you get to the second side, things really take a mellow turn. And that's what really makes this album a real classic. I wonder how much the Black Crowes wish they could be this man. An all time favorite.



  1. Do you have the gatefold version of the album? It has 2 bonus (previously unreleased) tracks.
    Also: supposedly, about 3 albums' worth of material has been recorded during the River sessions (both in London and California) yet only one album has been released.
    I'd very much like to know what Atlantic did with all that stuff....

  2. I have an American promo press gatefold. And I didn't know that some much was recorded. Let me know if you ever come across it. I'd love to hear more.

  3. OK....I have to, like a dork?....bought a copy of Driver.....instead of River actual fact, Ive never heard this before....really looking forward to this as I know he is a fantastic singer and proberly would have enhanced Led Zepplin but there again, we wouldnt have had Robert so...maybe, it was for the best....thanks for sharing this.

  4. it's a toss up. who know how things would have been. perhaps in an alternate universe...