Sunday, February 14, 2010

Out With a Bang-I'm Against It 7", Love my Life 7", A Few Beers Left but out of Drugs 7"

Well, if you are one of those lucky fools that somehow duped some young filly into going out with you on this amorous night (and c'mon, I know only dudes have the time to waste on shit like this), then perchance you might need some late night tunes to lay your girl down. Might I suggest these wastoid Italian scum fucs. "Do What My Cock Says" is guaranteed to moisten (sorry Matt) the mood. And I'm sure that anybody reading this probably needs a little girly help. So I say go for it. Just don't blame me if she doesn't buy the super drunk as fuck punk bliss that these dumbos drum up. But who knows, it might work...maybe.


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