Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tiny Tim-God Bless

Not a novelty, so stop saying he is. Unfortunate that Tiny Tim is only talked about in terms of being a one hit wonder freak since he had more musical ability than probably any skinny tied ass who's sticking a icicle into his cock hole at the moment. The dude could sing over 1500 songs. And yet I've seen shows where the idiots struggle through 10. For sure, this is a weird one, but an oddly great one too. This man was a true repository of pre-rock knowledge that few could match.



  1. I interviewed him when I was in college. He was an encyclopedia of American music as well as being very pleasant and cordial to a snotty-nosed college reporter. His love of music was as great as his knowledge. He's the first person who I heard talk about artists like Mildred Bailey, Ma Rainey, Lee Wiley, Jack Teagarden, Nick Lucas and others. He's the one who nudged me out of my narrow rock music interest. I'd call him a wonderful teacher as well. Thanks Tiny, aka Herbert Kaury.

  2. yeah, i always thought of him as such an important musical synthesizer who drew from disparate sources yet maintained a unique and individualized identity. It's a shame people don't give him his proper dues.

  3. Since doing my first post, I've heard tales of Tiny hanging out with Bob Dylan who was spell-bound by Tiny's huge repertoire. Bob has rather assumed the keeper of the flame role on old music with his radio program. The best fans make the best teachers