Monday, February 22, 2010

Ex-Cocaine-Keep America Mellow

This is the sound I was looking for but could never find. Trying to dig up some contemporary musicians that can draw from there classic influences and yet not sound like a total rip off is a little hard when you're dealing with music of this sort. And when one of those influences is Tyrannosaurus Rex (I assume), it's really easy to be a complete thief (eyes on you Devandra). There's the hand percussion/guitar combo thing here, but these guys know what to do with it. It has a lo-fi charm and simplicity that allows for easy repeated listens. I think the intent laid out by the album title is definitely fulfilled.



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  2. I love this!
    I bought the vinyl and never got to listen to it extensively as I would do with mp3s,, glad to be able to indulge in this album now, it's awesome.

  3. Yes, but vinyl is preferred though possibly inconvenient.