Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chris Bozzone-Horizons of Death

I had the good fortune of keeping up a correspondence with Chris sometime back. He was a very charming and kind fellow, with a great knowledge of obscure films and records. And his good taste is evident on this amazing recording. Unlike many contemporaries who fake the folk, Chris's records could have easily been released on Harvest or any British psych/folk label in the early 70s. But he always sounds original and new. And that's no easy feat. I find this to be a big step forward from some of his less arranged early recordings (though I love those as well). There's horns and strings and ambient drones and other weird things. But the songs, while they can get pretty experimental, are never indulgent. There's several cameos by names that might matter to some of you, but really, that's just one more small reason to download this great disk. I can't recommend this enough.


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