Sunday, February 28, 2010

Buck Owens-I've Got a Tiger by the Tail

Time to break out your nudie suit, because here's some classic country coming at ya. Yeah, I get it, this shit is probably de rigueur with all those who dwell in some far off land where only country music is played. And while I live in West Virginia, this shit is still foreign to me. So, this isn't a tears in my beer album all throughout, but there's still plenty of sadness to relish. I don't know if anyone will give a shit about things like this, but it's either post something or try to figure out what the fuck I want to teach about Emerson for tomorrow. I'll go with Buck Owen.



  1. I've got a pretty cool Buck Owens box set from a torrent. I definitely think this is worth it too....

    Got anymore Arthur Brown??????

  2. Yeah, I've got tons of Arthur Brown. But I think that's the one that's pretty special. I'd be glad to share more though.