Monday, February 22, 2010

Stalk-Forrest Group-St Cecilia: The California Album

Who dare speaks ill of the might Blue Oyster Cult? Certainly, sir, you have never experienced the majestic Secret Treaties. If you're only familiar with Don't Fear the Reaper or Saturday Night Live sketches, then go check them out immediately. There's nothing wrong with the solid rock sounds they produced, so don't be ashamed. Fuck, Richard Meltzer, Patti Smith, and Sandy Perlman wrote for them, and they know a little bit about good music. Well, this is what they were before they found their sound. It's still good, but maybe not what you'd expect. It makes sense that this is subtitled the California album, as they pull out many classic west coast moves here. Not as hard rock, and more hippie-ish, but still a fun listen with lots of cultural references of the time.


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