Monday, February 1, 2010

Missing Persons-Compilation Tracks

No this isn't the Missing Persons that you think it is. Not Dale Bozzio's shock topped dreck. This is some pretty obscure British D.I.Y. If you're familiar with the 70s cassette culture in England (revolving around labels like tender hooks, fuck off records, and deleted), you know to expect the unexpected. Missing Persons stay true to the tenet of eclecticism as these tracks demonstrate some beautiful pagan Brit folk, to odd, fractured pop run through a lo-fi gauze. Aside from what I hear, I can't tell you much else about them. I know a track not included here was compiled on one of the Messthetics discs. And that's about it. I wish I knew more. Maybe you do. There's just too many mysteries of the great and under appreciated cassette culture to keep track of.


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