Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yoshio Hayakawa-Kakkoii Koto wa Nante Kakkowaruin Darou

I know very little about this one. But here's what I do know: this is the first solo album from leader of Japanese GS band the Jacks (released in 1969). And I've read that the title translates as "How Uncool is Cool Thing," and you've gotta love that, because it's too true. Sound wise, it's pretty sparse, so if you're still looking for some downer sounds give it a listen. Maybe like a less arranged and less screamy Kazuki Tomokawa (will post him soon). Lot's of piano driven ballads that also bring to mind Bill Fay in a weird way (will post him too). I also know the cover rules. But that's about it. Let this be your bedtime companion on these lonely winter nights. And I've gotta believe that the only reason this isn't a celebrated classic is the language barrier.


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