Monday, February 15, 2010

Les Discrets

Alright, enough of the vitriol. Here's something that is truly pretty. It's played by the frenchies in some of the more feted, pitchfork sponsored bands like Amesoeur, Alcest, and the like. But don't let your metal prejudices dissuade you here. This is not metal, although it might be played by metal dudes. This is a folk, post-rock (still hate the term), shoegazey, space exploration that is truly a perfect soundtrack to the sordid nights and snow covered drifts you continuously fall in. I'll go back to watching Juice here in a moment, but I figure I should at least post something pretty before the night is done. Hopefully, this works record dorks. If not, buy a dildo or something to replace your limp dick.


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