Monday, February 22, 2010

Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come-Journey

I thought of saving this for some special commemorative post or something, but why be so greedy? This is one that everyone should heard, but far too many haven't. If you weren't to partial to the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, there's no need to worry (I think that album is overrated too). This is really unlike anything of the time, circa 1973. Listen to just the first song (Time Captives) and I'm sure you'll agree. Maybe the only thing like this going on around/prior to it's release would be the Silver Apples and some synthy Krauts, but I can't think of much else. Suicide & Hawkwind kind of get a at similar thing too. There's some fucked drum machine menace (used on every track), that makes it sound at least ten years ahead of it's time. Weirdo synths and vocal effects only make this more hallucinatory eerie. And, of course, Brown provides some really unhinged singing. Oh, I just love this one. Easily in my top ten of all time. I've seen this with an alternate cover, but this is how my lp looks and I prefer it anyways.



  1. That is far and away the best sleeve. My copy isn't even the one with the rose on but instead is a dodgy reissue with a really poor quality band photo on the front. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't even the proper band. Anyway I don't deserve the nice sleeve because it was never my fave Kingdom Come record. I first heard it in the mid 80s at which time I had developed a hatred of drum machines and their association with bland chart music. Obviously the record doesn't fall into this category but it still grated a bit at the time. I'm more relaxed about it now. Phew.

  2. yeah, this sleeve is definitely the best one. i can see, given the time frame, why an aversion to drum machines could happen, but this obviously shows how that can be used in a much more compelling way. good thing you eased up on that.