Monday, February 22, 2010

Komar & Melamid and Dave Soldier-The People's Choice Music

So, what I gather is that this whole project is some critique on the current state of the arts. The high brow concept devised by Komar & Malamid (artists who I am unfamiliar with) is apparently based on surveys asking people what they prefered and what they hated to listen to. So the most wanted song is some sappy romance junk that wouldn't sound out of context if you were sitting in the waiting room of a dentist office in the 80s. It's kind of like Anita Baker & Tom Waits did a duet and added all the cheese that made 80s pop music so terrible. I almost think this is a joke and that these guys just created this shit without all of the concept because I don't know why anyone would want to really listen to this. It's truly terrible. But then again, people are pretty dumb. Now, the most unwanted song, I can understand why people wouldn't want to listen to it. It's a 20 minute tuba, opera singer rapping about being a cowboy, kids singing about Christmas & Yom Kippur, bag pipe, accordian, rap nightmare. And it's long. But for some reason, I have a feeling some people might want to give this a listen. If you want to know more, I'm sure there's plenty written about this elsewhere.



  1. The Most Unwanted Song is better. BTW that's Joe Cocker, not Tom Waits :-)

  2. Hmmm...You might be right. I just couldn't see the spasmodic arm