Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kazuki Tomokawa-Dog (Inu)

As promised in a previous post. I'll admit, I wasn't hip enough to be into this guy until I saw his fucked performance in some Miike film (Izo maybe). But that was my loss. The "screaming philosopher" as apparently he's known has possibly the most possessed voice I've ever heard. Possibly the purest vocal expression of anguish and anger ever captured. But this isn't some metal or punk scream/screech fest. This is some fucked Japanese folk rock that really transcends all expectations if you're the type inclined to expect things of a genre. There's some duds here, but with a catalog as rich as this guy has, it's hard to pick the perfect album. And I personally prefer the realm he's been working in the last few years, but this is an early highlight worthy of some ear attention.


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