Friday, May 27, 2011

Zakary Thaks-Form the Habit

Ugh...more Texas music. I hate the state but I love their bands. What a conflict. Well, these garage goons are probably most known for their nuggets cut "Bad Girl." What a romper that one is. Some real punk music about 11 years before people were bandying about that term. Really, give it a spin and tell me otherwise. It makes me bounce off the walls like my insane cat (double jumps and all). I think if I was living in Texas and had a bowl cut, I'd probably use this as the soundtrack to beat up hicks with big belt buckles. Oh, wait those people drive around with gun racks in their cars, right? Maybe I'd just scowl at them and mutter something under my breathe instead. They shoot humans, don't they? Texas, Texas, Texas I will never understand you.


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