Sunday, May 22, 2011

Television Personalities-Mummy You're Not Watching

Not dead yet folks. Well, at least not physically. I know it’s been some time since my last post and for that I’ll post double my typical amount so make sure you scroll down and visit the next page lest you miss some of the goodies. And thanks to those you e-mailed me with concerns. It’s strange to think that people I never have met are interested in my goings on. But I’m in a lengthy process of moving around the country. So I just got back to Chicago last night after a bullshit trip where my coolant valve broke and I had to shack up in some shithole near Cleveland. From there it’s to Kansas City for a week, then L.A. for a month, the back to Chicago for a few days, then back to K.C. for who knows how long. And I fucking hate moving. Records and books are space consuming and heavy. I also didn’t have an internet connection for about a month. But enough about my super fascinating life. Record time. There really is no better way for me to signal my grand return than by posting something by a band who I love dearly. And since this is fairly popular it also saves my fingers some strength since there’s no need to be verbose with this classic. You probably know this one already. Good for you. If not, then here it is.



  1. near cleveland? ohhhhh you missed my smoke signals by about 15 minutes my internet friend.

  2. If I didn't have a cat that was freaking out I would have offered to buy you a pint. Maybe next time.

  3. Hi, could you reup to another server, mediafire is dead nowadays, thank you!