Sunday, May 1, 2011

William S. Fischer-Circles

I never had this happen to me before. I was hanging out in a tattoo parlor (just got two new Aubrey Beardsley pieces done), watching a documentary on Daniel Higgs, when two hillbillies-who-think-their –black came in and started yelling up a storm. Distracted from the documentary, I couldn’t help but overhear these dimwits. One of them even prefaced every sentence with “asshole.” But I started listening a little closer as they were now talking about one of them getting his name tattooed on his forearm in some medieval type of font (great idea big brain). Here I realized that the one wasn’t just saying “asshole” every time he spoke, he was yelling “asshole eighteen.” So now I’m pretty convinced this guy had tourette’s or something. Unless saying “asshole eighteen” is the slang that the kids are using these days. But that whole event kinda got me thinking about being in situations where you hear something truly defamiliarizing. And that made me think of this album. It starts of with some pretty traditional soul/psych/funk moves. But then there’s some experimental electronic pieces, orchestrated movements, guitar workouts, and tracks that seem to combine all of these in one. It’s a weird one, but a good one at that.



  1. Jerry,

    This a great post. I thought I (and William's mom) was the only on that had this one!

    I always enjoy my time on Creep Scanner!

    Dave RFW Wohlman

  2. I don't get it either. This seems like a record that many more people would be talking about. It seems like it has the potential to appeal to fans of all types of music.

  3. cheers mate... looking fwd to hearing this one. :))) xx

  4. You'll probably like it. It's a good one.