Friday, May 27, 2011

El Jesus de Mágico-Funeral Home Sessions 7"

One time my buddies got a couple of those Columbus bands to haul their shit down to Morgantown. They got caught in a blizzard and no one showed up to see them. So instead of playing we went down to my friends' warehouse, shot hoops, skated, drank too much, and ended the night covering the Misfits, Black Flag, the Germs and a bunch of other old shit. Fun night. Nice kids. I can see why they'll probably never want to play Morgantown again. They were good then, but they seem to keep getting better. Their pals in Times New Viking and Psychedelic Horseshit seemed to get a bit of hype (new haircuts & clean clothes too) but I put my money on these dudes for kings of the Columbus throne. And live, their singer reminds everyone of a young Mark E. Smith. Yes, this really was recorded in a funeral home.


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