Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nobuko Hori-xtoyourmilkyhair

Readers know I'm a lazy man. The only things I put much time into is teaching and cooking. But the spirit and passion for both of those has been on the decline in recent months. That being said I can just do the whole lazy man music descriptors I've been reading about this album and just say it's a Japanese Bjork. But that just sounds really shitty and will most likely discourage downloads. So let's dig a little deeper with this one. Yes, there are some pretty idiosyncratic girly vocals. There's some electronic fuckery to boot. Maybe it's just me and my dislike of Bjork (okay, that weird folk album she made when she was like 7 was pretty cool) but I just don't want to make that analogy. Maybe your ears bend a bit differently than mine however. Negative point to Hori however for those gross pregnancy photos I discovered when trying to find some info on her. Keep that shit covered up.



  1. Ms. Hori is quite an interesting gal! Thanks for the lp.

  2. Yeah, she seems like a bit of a nutter. But a talented one at that.

  3. ufff apenas hoy escuche una cancion por la radio y no encuentro el Lp por ninguna otra parte ojala lo pudiera volver a subir gracias