Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ravi Harris & the Prophets-Funky Sitar Man

I always wanted to play the sitar, but they're really expensive and I also kinda think I'd look like a dick sitting around strumming on one. Kinda like those people who walk around with exotic animals on a leash or bring those stupid fucking twirly hippie lights (haven't the faintest clue what that shit is called) to a rock show. That might make me a bit bias as I'm typically up for some funky sitar. Normally, you'd have to look to the East to find those funky breaks matched with the sitar (see ten million Bollywood soundtracks), however here's a homegrown delight. I'm also a sucker for covers too. When those covers happen to be of the Meters, James Brown, and the JB's, then you're definitely hitting the mark. Who would have thought that Cissy Strutt on a sitar would sound so good? I am sure this has already been sampled to death, back when people actually sampled music. Now we have computers so there's really no need for that anymore. There's no need to even listen to music either.


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