Friday, May 27, 2011

Steve Treatment-25 'A' Sides + Your Friends Are in the News

I'm pretty sure my friends and I predicted a weird cultural phenomenon that we later collectively willed into existence. To explain, one of my friends is a pretty rugged outdoorsman. He's even published stories about clubbing animals to death so that's how committed he is. One time he wanted to show off his new boots and my friends and I started to crack up since they had, what appeared to be, almost platform heels. This led us to come up with the idea of the "Glam-Jack" genre. Basically, it's glammed up lumberjacks. Imagine ball hugging cut off denim shorts, platform boots, skin tight flannel, and an Aladdin Sane thunderbolt. Not some big bear type of thing but far more glammy. Well, quite a spell after we laughed about this monstrosity I actually began to see people wearing outfits like that. You could imagine how ridiculous I found the whole thing. These hipsters (why is it always these dingbats?) could barely break a pencil, let alone cut down a tree. So what the hell does this diatribe have to do with Steve Treatment you're probably wondering. Well, this guy was responsible for another permutation of the glam genre. I don't know if this is an accepted term but his work seems to dwell in what should probably be called the bedroom glam subgenre (that is, if we wanted to create some sort of taxonomy). This is like Marc Bolan with a pocket full of lint rather than a mountain of coke. 25 'A' Sides is right, since they're all hits. Now kiddies, it's really about time to stop ripping of the 80s synth sound. And knock it off with the shoegaze plagiarism. That's stale too. If you're going to have at a classic sound why not try your hand at glam? Oh, that's right, then you couldn't bury your lack of skills under sheets of reverb & echo and everyone will become full aware of your suckitude.


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