Sunday, May 22, 2011

Colin Blunstone-One Year

I know you love Odessey & Oracle. How could you not? It is an utter classic. It’s a real shame that the Zombies couldn’t get it together to make a follow up. Maybe it’s best that they didn’t. Just don’t try to tell me that those Argent albums inspire the same sense of longing and wistfulness as that disc. Good news for those who already didn’t know (coming at you 40 years after the fact), Blunstone gave us this. Of course, it would be near impossible to live up to the glories of his former band, but he doesn’t seem to concern himself with simple duplication (or is replication the proper word?). You can’t fault a man for not wanting to stick in a rut, no matter who glorious that rut may be.



  1. Oh, how I've been meaning to get this one! Thank you much, fellow.

  2. "Her Song" is so f****** beautiful! I love every second of this composition. Perfection!