Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lily & Maria

This album cover kinda reminds me of these two attractive lesbians that liked to hit on me. We both knew it wasn’t going any where but it still made me feel better. That was until one of them started to get jealous at the amount of attention her partner was showing me. I’m not saying that these girls are lesbians or anything, just that they remind me of those other girls. I guess many of you will look at the image and think of a million other faceless girly folk albums that seem so ubiquitous in the dollar bins. Big mistake pal. It’s nothing like that. Sure, it is folk but there is some high grade strangeness too. Now that I’m finally out of fucking West Virginia I feel it’s time for something pretty.



  1. As I recall parts are too twee, but I do love 'Everybody Knows'. I shall revisit the lp!

  2. Twee at times I suppose, but there's plenty of weirdness here too. And hey, there's nothing wrong with twee if you're like me and am someone who realized much later in his/her life that despite all the pessimism you're actually some sappy romantic at heart. Even though everything within you says otherwise. But maybe it's just me.