Sunday, May 1, 2011

Will Sergeant-Themes from 'Grind'

Some of the one of the best things I’ve heard lately:

Location: On the street of the Italian/hipster area of Pittsburgh.

Speaker: Crazy bum.

What I Heard: “Goddammit…We got the Asians and we got the Indians and the Mexicans. It’s like I’m back in Fucking Viet Nam.”

Response: Well, what can be said about this beautiful example of twisted logic? Not much, I suppose. This just shows how stupid people are (not that we needed any further examples). So for all the Mexicans in Viet Nam I post this Echo & the Bunnymen related album. If you don’t care for that band then 1.) you are dumb, 2.) you still might like this album. If it the crooniness that prevents you from getting into their albums, then there’s no need to worry since it isn’t here. But all of the awesome guitar tones are present. There’s also some desolate keyboard action. Drum machines too. Really great cold instrumentals from a guy who still should get more credit.


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