Friday, May 27, 2011


The weather's been up and down here. The upper 80s gave way to thunderstorms and freezing rain. Today it's back to sunny and breezy so I think I'll give this a spin, sit out on the patio, sip some iced tea, and watch the golden finches flit about. And that's what this album seems made for. I'm not much of a connoisseur of Danish psych so I can't speak to the significance of this album. In many ways it seems to parallel what was going on in Sweden at the time. So if you were into any of those albums I posted than this is one more album for those searching for that acid/folk/strum/exotica essence. I think most people into that whole collective improv sound that cropped up in the 90s and most likely reached its apex in the early 2000s will find much to coddle up to with this one.

Here (Re-upped 4/13/12)


  1. hi Jerry,
    been dying to hear this one. any chance you can send me a link?
    hope yer well,
    know your conjurer

  2. I've ignored a lot of requests for re-ups, but how can I deny an old internet pal?

    Ever plan on getting your blog up and running again?