Friday, May 27, 2011

The Plastic Crimewave Sound-Flashing Open

Since I'm back home for a bit, there's an obligation to post at least a few things from Chicago. Therefore, it seems logical, with all the reader interest in psychedelic rock, to post something by the dude who probably knows more than anyone I've met about that genre. When not penning the remarkable Galactic Zoo Dossier, Steve Krakow (aka Plastic Crimewave) documents the forgotten giants of Chicago music, organizes music festivals, and plays some mind bending rock and roll music. Taking elements of the more recent legends (Sonic Youth, Spacemen 3, etc.) and dosing it with the true classics (Edgar Broughton Band, the Deviants, etc.) this band is my favorite thing going on around town. But to confess, the first time I saw them live I was not impressed. The sound levels sucked and it seemed like they were more worried about their clothes than rocking. But the more I heard the more of a fan I became. This is the place to start, then track down their double LP No Wonderland, which may even top this one.



  1. No problem. I hope more people get into this one. It's really some of the best contemporary psych out right now.

  2. Hey could you reupload this :-)?