Sunday, May 1, 2011

Who Reads this Shit Anyways?

This post will be a bit different than usual since it is not some album that I have cherished over the years, but instead this post will focus on readers who have submitted music in hopes that little taste maker me would post it up here. So I’ve gone through the lot and compiled a list of links for you guys to visit and see what the readers around here are creating. We’ll see how this goes and if it’s successful I’ll do another round. But if you’re a band and you send me some bullshit chain message you will definitely not get posted here. Or if you’re that guy who’s sent me the same damned e-mail about 6 times. That one where you compare your music to Bright Eyes. Dude, you clearly don’t read this. Otherwise you’d know that that simile would be like telling me your music tastes like syphilis. Not going to happen, guy. So here’s the bands:

The Kansas Bible Company

Lark’s Tongue

Chase Harrison

Wreck and Reference


Cream of Turner

Solar Wimp


Lords of Bukkake

Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands


  1. OOH! ME! I read this shit.

    I like your taste in music and your everyday musings. But mostly, I respect how you faked your death in 2004 to get out of your Law & Order contract so you could spend your twilight years doing what you really love; blogging about obscure music. (Probably should've just waited for the show to get canceled though. Would've saved you some trouble.)

    I'm still searching for Tupac's blog where he posts his collection of REO Speedwagon concert bootlegs. I've heard it's out there somewhere.

  2. Those NBC contracts are more difficult to get out of than one would imagine.

  3. I, too, love this kind of post. (Not that you care what I think as this is the first time I've posted on your glorious blog.)

    Anyway, for those who might want a little bit more information on the above artists, here is my quick-ass commentary:

    The Kansas Bible Company--3rd wave Ska/punk stuff. Pretty decent, if you're in the mood for such. I downloaded.

    Lark's Tongue--3 song EP of fairly appealing southern-fried indie rock. I downloaded.

    Chase Harrison--Assuming this is the same Chase Harrison I found on bandcamp, then they're rather boring instrumental rock/electronica. I didn't download.

    Wreck and Reference--Kinda noisy-drone, but more based on a common song structure centered around vocals than a lot of that genre will tend to do. I dug. And downloaded.

    Awjita--meh, seemed rather typical screamcore, but I didn't listen to a lot on their myspace. Took me about 20 seconds to decide to not download.

    Cream of Turner--Instrumental ambient/noise soundscapes. The fellows that made this aren't too far away from where I live, but that wasn't quite enough to convince me to download.

    Solar Wimp--This reminds me of my teenage years where I loved anything spazzy, metalcore, and throaty. These guys might just have the chops to make my ipod. I downloaded.

    YALL--Mostly instrumental post-rock with enough technicality to feel like Battles at times. Not sure what my mileage will be with this one, but that first track with the vocals is KILLER and worth the download by itself.

    Lords of Bukkake--Doomy sludge with throaty vocals. 4 tracks of ~10 minutes each. I'm a sucker for this kind of thing, but haven't determined yet how it stacks up among others in the genre.

    Waylon Thorton & the Heavy Hands--Basically, this is what The White Stripes would be if they were more rock-a-billy with their rock-n-roll. Over-amped rock-a-billy with just guitar and drums, a husband and wife team, and her name happens to be Meg, too. Not bad, but made me want to listen to The White Stripes, so I didn't bother with it.