Thursday, May 20, 2010

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band-Vol. 3 A Child's Guide to Good & Evil

Christ that took me forever to type that title out. It's a sunny day here and after that extend period of grey, I figure it's time to post something sunshiney and cheery. For a band comprised of teenagers and millionaires, they (not going to type out that super long name again) wrote some pretty great tunes. "Our Drummer Always Plays in the Nude" is more than just a great song, but a creed by which most bands should live by. Especially if your drummer is particularly ugly (as is often the case). While this does have the standard psych west coast psych moves, there's a creeping darkness under the surface. I mean if you have songs titled "A \Child of a few Hours is Burning to Death" you should be sitting around sniffing heliotropes.


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