Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lubos Fišer-Valerie and Her Week of Wonders OST

I went through a pretty serious obsession with Czech New Wave films some time back. Not sure why, but the absurd sense of humor that tempers much of the bleakness was highly appealing. But I make no claims about truly understanding the political satire many of these movie also relied on (but the usual suspects are standard i.e. religion, communism, etc.). This was probably one of the favorite ones that I saw (Sweet Movie has got to be up there too). It's super weird and sensual, and just plain fucked. Soundtracks can sometimes feel like a pointless album, but this is one that stands on it own. So much so that people from the Espers & Fursaxa and maybe some other people did a recreation of the music for freak folk ears.



  1. Thanks a lot..the tracks are so beautifully haunting and tranquil

  2. Welcome. It is a pretty/creepy album. Perfect for a movie that follows the same emotional thread.