Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Vikings can be pretty sweet, especially when they're not trying to sell credit cards (is anyone else getting sick of that ad campaign?). Here's definitely the coolest modern Viking. Not sure if old Moondog was an actual bum or what, but I know he was a long time street musician in New York. I never got a chance to see him, as I try to avoid New York as much as possible, being that it is a super overrated, asshole magnet (and I seriously think 1 out of 3 people there are faking/over exaggerating their accents). And I'm sure you read street musician and see what this guy looks like and you'd think it would be another lunatic playing a cat skull and a loaf of bread or some shit, but no, that isn't it at all. Moondog was a real composer, and a damned good one at that. Even your precious NPR uses him as crib music. Yeah, he writes rondos and things of that sort. So while he might have looked/acted like a nut job, the music was always pretty special.