Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Neck Blues Band-Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL 10/2/03

Here's something that I know does not exist on the internet. As far as I know me and maybe 3-4 other people have some cdrs I made of this show that my brother and I attended and he recorded. In college I went through a pretty heavy period of collecting all of their limited run releases and was able to amass quite a large catalog of their work. It was probably my obsessive streak which made me value their records so much (I did the same thing with C93 & NWW too). But I suppose that's the nature of fetish. In retrospect, I still think they have some work that really stands up well. And live they were really fun. I did like the fact they threw cymbals at audience members. In a room full of chin stroking snobs, it's pretty funny to watch as some American Apparel clad loser catches a metal frisbee with his mug. I think that's a pretty good lesson for most bands to learn. Even if you are actually a good band, most likely your fans are lame. So have fun with it.


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