Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swervedriver-Mezcal Head

It seems like the shoegaze revival has been picking up momentum over the last several years. And I'm fine with that. Most of those bands are listenable, but I really don't find any of them all that inspiring. But at least it's not some ironic revival (I'm telling you, soon hipsters will be sporting Emerson, Lake, and Palmer capes). Going back to the classics, this is a disc that all of my friends deride me for liking. But I say fuck them. This is my favorite shoegaze album. Rather than a bunch of mop top mopes noodling with a mountain of pedals, Swervedriver had the distortion and buzz but still remembered that they were playing rock music. So for all the My Bloody Valentine in the sound there's an equal part Stooges. That's why this record rules and my friends are dumb.


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